AMADA discovered doping in sports nutrition sold in Azerbaijan.

The Azerbaijan National Anti-Doping Agency (AMADA) found prohibited anabolic substances in the athlete’s samples who used dietary supplement. Based on this, athletes were disqualified for a period of 18 and 12 months.

In dietary supplement AMINO Hardcore, manufactured by Mega Sport, were found such substances as methylstenbolone, methandienone, mestanolone, methyltestosterone, 1 - androstenedione, 1- testosterone, oxymesterone.

In this regard, NADA pays attention to the use of dietary supplement by athletes, since in many countries governments do not regulate their production accordingly. This means that the ingredients in the preparation may not correspond to the substances indicated on its packaging.

Athletes should be aware that dietary supplement may contain hazardous and harmful substances, as well as the principle of full responsibility of the athlete.

Source: http://interfax.az