NADA Development

The Prevention, Education and International Cooperation Department organizes continuous education of the athletes, sports organizations and raises public awareness of doping issues. The Department conducts development and implementation of informational and educational programs and activities aimed at the promotion of anti-doping legislation compliance, involving mass media, using educational video materials and reviews from medicine, psychology and sports experts. The Department’s staff develops educational programs for athletes and coaches.

NADA Belarus actively collaborates with the World Anti-Doping Agency. Within the framework of this collaboration, in 2012 the WADA Educational and Executive Committees approved the National Anti-Doping Agency’s research project. In accordance with this decision a WADA grant has been awarded to the Agency for the conduction of sociological research in the doping prevention area.

Carefully organized work of the Testing, Operational Analysis and Biological Parameters Monitoring Department ensures the effective planning and conduction of doping control. Over the course of the last three years the Agency collected over 2000 Samples and the amount of conducted testing is increasing every year, covering more sports. Doping control is conducted not only in Olympic Sports, but also other sports that are not included in the Olympic Games. Testing is conducted in Republican Olympic Training Centers, Olympic Reserve Colleges and Olympic Reserve Schools. According to WADA requirements, the amount of out-of-competition samples collected is greater than the amount of in-competition samples. Over one third of all samples are collected from members of national teams. The main target group being tested is Athletes under 23 years of age. This approach is an important way of ensuring effective doping-prevention amongst youth.

The main objective of the Investigations and Results Management Department is the investigation of cases of possible anti-doping rule violations. The staff of the department investigates possible anti-doping rule violations. Collection, evaluation, and the analysis of relevant anti-doping data, from all available sources so as to detect and prosecute anti-doping rule violations that are not related to prohibited substance and method use. The security and confidentiality of data is ensured during the investigations. The Department (in accordance with the Law) exchanges data with law enforcement and other authorized regulatory, disciplinary bodies.

The Department is responsible for the coordination of the Anti-Doping Disciplinary Commission activities.

The Department monitors whether the rights of athletes and other persons accused of possible anti-doping rules violations are respected during the processing of results. The Department is responsible for cooperation with law enforcement agencies and relevant regulatory bodies (the State Customs Committee, the Ministry of Health, the Postal Service "Belpochta", courier service etc.) in the framework of case investigations of possible anti-doping rule violations on a national and international levels.

International Federations have granted the Agency the authority to conduct testing at of Ice Hockey, Sambo, Figure Skating and Rowing World Championships. The Agency conducted testing at the Rhythmic gymnastics, Freestyle Skiing, Judo, Wrestling and Speed skating World Cups in addition to the testing conducted at the Volleyball and Rhythmic gymnastics European Championships and other major international competitions held in our country.

The Anti-doping program is designed to protect what is really important and valuable for sports, what is often called the "spirit of sport" and happens to be the essence of the Olympic Movement.