Therapeutic Use Exemption

According to the International Standard for Therapeutic Use Exemptions a Therapeutic Use Exemption (or TUE) permits the presence of a Prohibited Substance in an Athlete’s Sample or the Athlete’s Use or Attempted Use, Possession and/or Administration or Attempted Administration of a Prohibited Substance or Prohibited Method for therapeutic reasons.

An Athlete granted a TUE is able to obtain treatment for a legitimate medical condition, even if that treatment requires a prohibited substance or method.

An Athlete requests a TUE from the relevant anti-doping organization (ADO) or through ADAMS.

A National-Level Athlete should apply to NADA Belarus.

An Athlete who is an International-Level Athlete should apply to his or her International Federation.

A Major Event Organization may require Athletes to apply to it for a TUE if they wish to Use a Prohibited Substance or a Prohibited Method in connection with the Event.

NADA Belarus shall provide the necessary assistance to the athlete and his / her staff in determining the level of the athlete when he/she needs to submit a request for recognition of TUE to the international Federation or the organizer of a major sporting event, as well as provide the necessary assistance in the recognition process issued by it TUE. You can consult by phone: 8(017) 227-28-90 or email: tue@nada.by

The Therapeutic Use Exemption Commission (TUEC) under the National Anti-Doping Agency of Belarus (NADA) provides an opportunity to submit a request for a TUE to all athletes who are under its jurisdiction and who have documented medical indications for using a prohibited substance or method.

To be granted a TUE, you should submit to the NADA TUEC the following documents:

  • - The TUE application form (attached);
  • - the detailed extract from the Athlete’s medical records or a comprehensive medical history, including documentation from the original diagnosing physician(s);
  • - the results of all examinations, laboratory investigations and imaging studies relevant to the application.

A TUE application will only be considered by the TUEC following the receipt of a properly completed application form, accompanied by all relevant documents. Incomplete applications will be returned to the Athlete for completion and re-submission.

The TUEC may request from the Athlete or his/her physician any additional information, examinations or imaging studies, or other information that it deems necessary in order to consider the Athlete’s application.

The TUEC shall decide whether or not to recognize the TUE as soon as possible, and usually (i.e., unless exceptional circumstances apply) within no more than 21 days of receipt of a complete request for recognition.

An Athlete should apply to the TUEC at least 30 days before the date he needs a TUE unless it is an emergency or exceptional situation.

A request for a TUE submitted after using a prohibited substance or method (a Retroactive TUE) is to be considered only if the prohibited substance or method was used in the course of emergency treatment.

If the NADA TUEC denies the TUE application, the Athlete may appeal exclusively to the Sports Arbitration Court under the Public Association “Belarusian Union of Lawyers”, which NADA has an agreement with.

More information on therapeutic use you can find in the Regulation on therapeutic use, which is presented in this section!

A TUE application form with the relevant documents can be sent in electronic form (scanned documents) via email tue@nada.by, mail or in person (220020, Republic of Belarus, Minsk, PR-t Winners 109Б, sport complex athletics office 301).

Download a TUE application form here.

Download a TUE Policy