16.10.2017 | Nadal claims €100,000 over former French sports minister's doping allegation

Rafa Nadal's lawyers have claimed for 100,000 Euros in damages from ex-French sports minister Roselyne Bachelot after she accused the tennis star of doping.
In March last year, Bachelot claimed that Nadal had been taking illegal substances when he was suffering from a tendon problem in 2012.
"It is well known that the famous injury of Rafa Nadal, when he was out for seven months, was actually to avoid being found positive by doping control," said the sports minister, from 2007 to 2010, on the French sports channel D8.
Nadal's lawyer, Patrick Maisonneuve, stressed the 'enormous weight of importance' of the comments during a hearing at court in Paris on Friday, which neither the tennis player nor the ex-minister attended.
While showing medical records that proved the injury problem of the Spanish player, Maisonneuve said that Bachelot's position at the time meant her comments could have affected sponsorship deals.
In defence, Bachelot's lawyer Olivier Chappuis said she was merely repeating comments made by other tennis professionals to the media such as the Belgian Christophe Rochus and the Austrian Daniel Kollerer. "There is a big gap between the successes he has achieved and the fragility of the anti-doping tests being carried out," Chappuis stated at the hearing. "What sponsor has abandoned Rafa Nadal as a result of those statements? None."
The prosecutor said the charges against the ex minister are 'particularly serious' with a verdict due to be given on November 16.

Source: www.marca.com
Photo: www.lenta.ru