16.05.2017 | Final Event of the Young Play Fair Educational Package conducted in SMCORC

Within the framework of The Young Play Fair Project (Project) implementation NADA Belarus together with experts involved in the Project conducted the Final Event of the Young Play Fair Educational Package in the State Minsk City Olympic Reserve College (SMCORC) on May 5th 2017.
The Final Event was conducted according to the Project set scenario. The Final Event itself was a competition among teams each representing grades 8-11 of the ORC where students had to put their agility, knowledge and creativity to the test with the aim to promote the Values of the Spirit of Sport and Fair Play. The judges of the competition were:
Natalia Leshik – Silver medalist of the 2012 London Olmypics (Gymnastics);
Sergei Kolomoets – International Class Master of Sports (track and field);
Marina Slutskaya – Gold medalist of the 2017 European Judo Championships in Warsaw, graduate of SMCORC;
Alesia Lytsina – Head of Prevention, Education and International Cooperation Department of NADA Belarus.
A Prize Cup was awarded to the winning team that was the most successful in completing all of the challenges.
The enthusiasm and creativity demonstrated by the teams must be noted. The participants demonstrated originality in the showcase-contest where some teams presented self-directed video-clips that promoted the Spirit of Sport Values and Fair Play.
NADA Belarus thanks the SMCORC management and the guest-judges for the interest expressed and the assistance provided in the implementation of the Project.

Check out the photos from the event here: