01.02.2017 | Anti-Doping Seminar for Olympic Reserve College Experts Held in Minsk

The National Anti-Doping Agency of Belarus (BNADA) in cooperation with the Belarusian State University of Physical Culture organized and conducted an educational Anti-Doping seminar on the implementation of Anti-Doping education in Olympic Reserve Colleges. More than 40 Olympic Reserve College experts from 11 cities took part in the seminar.
The seminar covered a series of key Anti-Doping issues that must be addressed in order to implement a sustainable anti-doping program in Belarusian Olympic Reserve Colleges. The materials presented over the course of the Seminar by the experts of the Education, Prevention and International Cooperation Department of BNADA highlighted the topic of athlete, coach and doctor doping-related responsibility, gave an in-depth overview of the Prohibited List, Doping Control procedure and the role of Athlete Whereabouts among other relevant issues.
The participants where offered to test their Anti-Doping knowledge as a form of feedback to further develop the effectiveness of BNADA cooperation with Olympic Reserve Colleges. A Roundtable on the key matters in the sphere of Anti-Doping education was held in the second part of the seminar where participants had the opportunity to discuss the most troubling issues with BNADA Management.

The representatives of the developer team of the “Young Play Fair” educational program, which is being developed within the framework of the UNESCO-funded Anti-Doping Project “The Young Play Fair” took part in the Seminar.