20.01.2017 | Biathlon IBU demanded to increase the penalty for doping up to one million euros

The international biathlon Federation (IBU) received a letter from the athletes, which contained recommendations on the fight against doping. More than 170 athletes signed it, among other things, demanding to increase the penalty for use of illegal drugs in five times.
The letter says about the necessity of increasing the penalty to those federations whose athletes were caught using banned drugs. Moreover, this must be done once in five times, from 200 thousand Euro to one million. Also, athletes require to cut the quota for 24 months for offending countries.
Suspects during the investigation should be dismissed, and one of the main points of the requirements is to compensate the athletes who could be the first, if not “unclean” competitor. And it needs to be two times more than the premium for winning.

Source: www.greatest.info